Gone are the days of “I want to start working out, but I just don’t know how.” Gone are the days of “I’m TERRIFIED of going to the gym; it’s an anxiety-inducing place.” With the rise of gym content creators in Egypt, hitting PBs on that deadlift and bench press becomes a closer, more attainable goal. Today, we bring you our favourite gym content creators that you NEED to follow for some gym motivation, guidance…you name it.


Monir Kansoh

Founder and CEO of The Fitness App, one of the leading online coaching platforms, and a coach at LA7 gym, Monir Kansoh covers everything about fitness on his Instagram and TikTok. From experimenting with different celebrities’ workout routines to gifting us healthy recipes, Monir Kansoh has it all!


Sarah Mostafa

Known by her Instagram username, Sarah The Unicorn, Sarah documents her gym milestones, outfits, and gym-related advice, helping everyone feel less intimidated by the gym and more empowered to actually start working out. 


Sarah Ihab

Gaining rightfully deserved popularity for both her home gym vlogs and her studying vlogs (she’s finally graduated!), Sarah Ihab always steps in to prove that consistency is key and that lack of time is little more than an unexplainable excuse.


Karim ElFeky

Karim ElFeky, a fitness and nutrition content creator, is renowned for his healthy recipes that make eating clean both enjoyable and sustainable. He shares a variety of delicious dishes, with a particular emphasis on salads—forget monotonous, regular salads and think of more dignified, dressed-up salads you’d actually want to eat. As the author of the cookbook Livin Lean and a private nutritionist, Karim offers personalised nutrition plans to his clients.


Maye Nour ElDin

We obviously couldn’t forget about callisthenics athletes on this list. Can we really forget about their knack for turning heads at the gym with their incredible bodyweight feats? With an enviable mastery over her own body that reminds us of how powerful it is to be in control of our own bodies, Maye Nour ElDin makes pull-ups, human flags, chin-ups, etc., seem effortless and graceful (which is definitely not the case when you try them for the first time).


Nader Emad

The head coach at LA7 gym, Nader Emad, is a NASM-certified personal trainer who shares his expertise on his Instagram account through reels showcasing workout routines, fitness advice, and answers to fitness questions that might be itching your brain.


Samar Aboulyazid

Founder of the FEMPOWER app, an online female health and fitness community, Samar Aboulyazid aims to support women on their fitness journeys and help them realise their strength and potential.