Cairo restaurants have certain signature dishes that we can guarantee you won't find anywhere else in the world. They're mouthwatering and authentic. So try these dishes at specialised places—or at these spots we recommend! 

Here's a glimpse into some of the must-try dishes in Cairo's restaurants.


Hawawshi El Refaey – Hawawshi 

A dish baked to perfection, Hawawshi El Refaey has a thing when it comes to the best hawawshi in Cairo! If you want a quick and satisfying meal, this is where to savour the superb flavours.

Fawzy El Kababgy – Kabab w Kofta 

We guarantee no one can make Kabab w Kofta this heavenly except for Fawzy El Kababgy. Not only will it warm you up and fill your stomach, but you'll revisit this place in no time.

Abo Tarek – Koshari

Egypt's iconic dish served at the most iconic koshari place! Abo Tarek is basically a koshari genius, and you need to experience the place's authentic charm and how affordable it is.

Asr El Kababgy – Molokhia

We would give Asr El Kababgy the title "King of Molokhia" if possible! It is yummy, hearty, and one of the most comforting meals you'll have, especially with rice or bread to soak up the rich flavours.

Farahat – Hamam 

When a restaurant has a staple dish, you simply can't try it at any other place! Farahat is known for its perfectly cooked hamam filled with spices and rice. Once you try Farahat's hamam, there's no going back!

Hagouga – Roz Me3amar

You can't find better roz m3amar, a dish filled with cream, rice, spices, and the crustiest yet softest crispy rice layer on top. Hagouga is the place to go if you crave roz me3amar bel eshta!