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If you’ve been looking for an excellent Korean restaurant to visit and try these stunning dishes you see in dramas, or if you just want to experience new food spots, then we have your back with these Korean places in Cairo!


Hana Barbecue

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You can find Hana Barbecue in Zamalek. Not only will you enjoy delicious Korean dishes, but you will also love the ambience of the place, even though it’s relatively small.


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Tomato in Maadi is one of the best Korean restaurants in Cairo. The place feels like home, and the food 100% tastes like homemade Korean food. More incredibly, they usually have K-pop on at all times!


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Gaya is another Maadi gem that is almost ALWAYS crowded because of its popularity. Go to this place with your friends for the best Korean barbecue with delicious side dishes.


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Not that visible in Masr El Gedida, Nameun is a small place that serves Korean food and sells Korean skincare products. They also have the cutest interior, and their food is always good. 


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Yes, you guessed it, Arirang is also in Maadi. They are known for their fantastic food, hospitality, and customer service. 


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If you go once, you’ll want to go over and over again because the food will capture your heart before your stomach, and the place is warm and cosy. In Maadi’s Mina, you’ll enjoy every last bit and bite!