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During Ramadan, most people feel thirstier than they do hungry after Iftar. This comes because the body loses fluids during the fast, so drinking plenty after Iftar is essential to prevent dehydration. Luckily for everyone, Ramadan comes with many signature drinks that we all cherish. So, let us rank our go-to Ramadan beverages from most to least favourite to help make your choice of glass to break your fast easier!

1-     Sobia

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One of the most well-known Ramadan beverages is sobia. Rice, milk powder, coconut milk, and sugar are this signature drink’s main ingredients, so it’s no surprise that kids and adults alike love this luscious beverage! Who doesn’t enjoy the incredible flavour and aroma of coconut? We think no one!

2-     Tamer Hindi

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Our second favourite, tamer hindi, is a drink created from tamarind paste, sugar, and water. It is a mix of sweet and sour, which makes it the perfect Ramadan beverage for people who prefer sour flavours to sugary ones.

3-     Karkade

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Drinking karkade or hibiscus tea is a common practice for reducing blood pressure. Yet, this sweet and sour drink is a staple at the tables of many Iftar gatherings! You can enjoy it warm or chilled to cool down after your fast!

4-     Kharoub

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Kharoub is a delicacy native to the MENA region and packed with nutrients. It is also known as carob juice and has a sweeter flavour than chocolate and a thicker consistency than other beverages. Still, it is incredibly healthy and delicious. It’s not on top of our list, but it will always have a place in our hearts!

5-     Qamar al-Din

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The orange, thick, and sugary qamar al-din is another standard beverage during the holy month of Ramadan. Made from dried apricots, this beverage is packed with nutrients. Dried apricot pastes are steeped in hot water for a few hours, then blended with sugar and rose water to make a delicious drink. While Egyptians are indecisive about whether they love or hate it, we believe it’s tasty!

6-     Erk Sous

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The dark, somewhat sweet, and mildly bitter drink known as erk sous is a staple of Ramadan celebrations. This refreshing beverage is flavoured with liquorice root and sold by restaurants and street vendors. We may not be head over heels for it, but we occasionally get a hankering for the liquorice drink!