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We always crave Asian cuisine whenever we're at home watching a movie or just chilling indoors. As more Asian restaurants with fresh and colourful flavours sprout up throughout the city, Asian cuisine has become more and more popular and highly regarded in Cairo.

Joy Luck

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An authentic Chinese gem located in Maadi, not only do they serve delicious authentic Chinese flavours, but the restaurant offers the best dumpling soup and orange chicken you'll ever try!

Silk Road

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One of the most famous Asian restaurants in Maadi, Silk Road, will take you on an Asian food journey you'd never imagined. The quality is just top-notch!


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If you're a Korean food enthusiast and can't find the perfect place that makes homemade Korean food, then Tomato is the place to go!


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You'll find the most remarkable example of Korean fried chicken in Maadi's Kokio. The place is always packed with people because they know how good it is!

Lan Yuan

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Another hidden gem in Maadi, Lan Yuan, is not only cosy but will also give you a warm Asian vibe, and the food is delicious.