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Since the boycott started, Egyptian products have been recognised and bought more than ever! People are enjoying the quality of some Egyptian products, so let’s give a shoutout to the following Egyptian snacks!

El Shamadan

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Something about El Shamadan makes you remember your childhood, but it’s also too addictive! Once you take a bite, there’s no way you’re resisting the entire pack.


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We would say this is the only purchase you make, and you won’t ever regret it because you’re definitely getting more than one bag of Flamenco as it’s so moreish.


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No matter what flavour you buy, the taste of Best is one of the best (pun intended)! It tastes refreshing and comes in the cutest packaging. 


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You can’t buy just one bag of Windows. Either you buy five and eat them all in one sitting, or you’re not living right!


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The taste of the Corona products is out of this world. We’re not saying that because it’s 100% Egyptian, so we’re now supporting it more, but their products are genuinely tasty and will bring back that nostalgic feel.


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All people will collectively agree that Chato is most probably one of the most loved and addictive biscuits that ever existed, and there’s no competition.