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Having a decent cup of coffee in a cosy, comfy place is very hard to find when you’ve been used to certain coffee spots for too long. Still, these places will make you think twice about your regular coffee shop; you’ll even enjoy it slightly more because of their unmatched coffee machines and different menu items!

20 Grams


You might be surprised by the number of flavours you’ll find at 20 Grams. They have the oddest menu of coffee items, and as weird as they may sound, they taste incredible!

Social Coffee Roasters

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If you want something lowkey yet has good coffee choices and a place where you can lay low and chill, try Social Coffee Roasters because, believe us, they won’t disappoint!


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Recently opened in Maadi, Genco is already gaining immense popularity for its tasty coffee and wonderful seating area that will make you feel very comfortable. Coffee with a view is the perfect explanation when it comes to Genco.


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Aside from their spectacular dessert choices, Bouchee’s coffee is a choice you don’t want to miss out on the next time you visit. Their coffee has just the perfect bitterness and complements the desserts in the best ways possible.

30 North

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Located in several spots in Cairo, 30 North is known for its various coffee options. Whether drip, brewed, or just a simple espresso shot, 30 North is one of Cairo’s best places to drink coffee!