These dessert places decided to wow us even more this Ramadan than last year with some of the most delightful surprises! Imagine textures that tantalise your tongue, flavours that dance on your palate, and presentations that will have you reaching for your phone (after you break your fast, of course) to take a picture of the art in front of you! Forget predictable flavours; revel in these delicious masterpieces that pack a punch of flavour this year.


Ahramat - El Malky 

They're absolute geniuses, but we need to know how they got this idea in the first place. El Malky built the Konafa Pyramids; we're sure our ancestors are proud! (and maybe slightly offended)


Konafa Millefeuille - Breadfast 

The speed at which Breadfast's desserts are selling out is unbelievable, and we always have the urge to try their yummy products, like the Konafa Millefeuille!


Sawabe3 Gigi - Nola

We would love to know how they came up with the name (and why), but Nola's new creation, Sawabe3 Gigi, is very interesting, and everyone is eager to take a bite!


Lo2met El Basha - Dolato 

Sounds prestigious and fancy; Dolato is blessing us with pistachio and cream heaven with Lo2met El Basha—we're already drooling!


Baklava Tiramisu - Abdelrahim Koueidar 

It might not sound ideal, but Italian-Egyptian fusion is something we don't want to miss out on! Abdelrahim Koueidar is definitely onto something!


Konafa Tres Leches Lemon Berries - Dukes 

You get the sweet, the sour, and the ultimate dessert paradise with Duke's Konafa Tres Leches Lemon Berries that screams spring!