Suhoor is a vital part of the daily routine. It's a time to nourish your body and prepare for a long day of abstaining from food and drink. A balanced suhoor meal sets the tone for your entire day. While some prefer a quiet suhoor at home, many in Cairo head out to enjoy the vibrant Ramadan atmosphere with friends and family. Here are some popular suhoor spots to consider, offering a variety of options to suit your cravings:


Bait Falfool – El Shorouk

Grab a friend and enjoy a delicious suhoor at Bait Falfool in a beautiful open-air setting! 

Layalina Tent – New Cairo

For a fantastic suhoor experience, consider Layalina Tent. Expect a delectable variety with many options alongside traditional Egyptian fare and live entertainment.

Istebaha – Beverly Hills 

Estebaha is the place to go for the most delicious suhoor platters. It features a variety of dishes and a warm ambience, perfect for gathering with loved ones.

Qedretna – Sheraton  

Experience the magic of Ramadan! Savour a classic suhoor feast at Qedretna, where tradition meets taste.

El Soltaneya – Agouza 

This restaurant serves classic Egyptian dishes perfect for suhoor. It has a spacious seating area and a lively Ramadan ambience.