Green-eyed Heliopolites often complain about the lack of new arrivals in the way of dining and nightlife in their area – and it’s understandable. Their neighbours in New Cairo have plenty to sink their teeth into.

But rest easy, people of Masr El Gedida - y’all have just got what could be the best new venue in the whole of Cairo.


Speakeasy is the name and, to a certain extent, speakeasy is the game. Taking inspiration from the speakeasies of the US’s prohibition era in the 1920s – the kind that Al Capone and co. frequently visited – there’s a distinct sophistication about what is a unique venue.

14- Your weekend exquisite culinary experience…

Speakeasies prided themselves on being exclusive – unknown to all but the movers and shakers. Remember that scene from The Great Gatsby where Leo takes the gormless Toby Maguire through a secret door at a barber to find a room dripping in everything you think of when you imagine the Roaring Twenties? Well, they might not have been quite as extravagant as that, but that was very much the carefree, YOLO-before-YOLO-existed vibe of America’s top speakeasies and there are certainly traces of influence in Speakeasy’s subtle sophistication and old-money Egyptian touches.

12c- Dinner at Speakeasy… A unique expression of affection that will charm your lover

What this all amounts to at the stunning refurbished Korba villa, is a sleek but somehow warm space that boasts the high ceilings that a grand venue of this kind demands and vintage-licked chandeliers that give you exactly the lighting it needs.

This is all good and fine, but that’s not the real pièce de résistance - Speakeasy’s menu is its crown jewel.

From beginning to end, the menu is full of alluring, creative dishes; from a simple salmon teriyaki starter that brings together baked fresh salmon, coriander and sesame oil and teriyaki, to the cutely named Crabacado – crab, avocado timbale and caviar minestrone. Yum.

But it’s not all dainty hors d'oeuvres and appetisers – the carnivorous will no doubt enjoy the Beef Medaillon de Veau with spinach polenta and mushroom, or the Braised Duck, toasted almond and butter bake rice for two. Or it can be for one – there are no judgements here.


But hold on – there’s more. Speakeasy’s cocktail menu is just as colourful. There are, of course, classics like all kinds of Martinis, but the real goodies are in cocktails like the Electric Lemonade, Atomic Plum and the Cactus Bite. There are also a big range of wines that the folk at Speakeasy are keen to match with their dishes.

The city's cigar lounge experience, elevated.

After you’ve feasted and quenched your thirst, then you’ll find yourself hankering for a quality cigar, obviously. Speakeasy has a range of over 30 cigars to pick and choose from

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