New Cairo might not be the first place that comes to mind for hidden food gems, but let’s not underestimate it. Despite its reputation for quickly spreading word-of-mouth recommendations, some new and underrated restaurants are worth checking out!


Pao Pao

Pao Pao is generating buzz as a new Asian fusion restaurant with a laid-back atmosphere. Their delicious ramen sets them apart, offering a refreshing evolution of other Asian fusion eateries. Plus, they offer delivery—a definite bonus!



Kazdora transformed the traditional shawerma we know and love into something even better. They experimented with bread, flavours, and presentation. Now, you can enjoy shawerma in various ways at Kazdora—they’ve got it in brioche, oven-baked flatbread, and even as burgers. So, however you like your shawerma, Kazdora has got you covered!



While Dippy’s menu may not offer a wide variety, its offerings are simply outstanding. Bursting with flavour, their chicken dishes are excellent, and their buffalo strips are unparalleled. If you’re craving a satisfying meal that surpasses typical fast food, Dippy’s is the place to be.


Zia Amelia 

Zia Amelia just opened a branch in Cairo, following the success of its first branch in Gouna. This restaurant is a must-try; it was founded by an Italian couple and offers authentic Italian food in Egypt.



Clucks stands out as a unique restaurant in New Cairo. It offers an extensive selection of chicken dishes with a variety of sauces similar to Nando’s. And its chicken wings are simply unbeatable!