In this weather, we often crave cold, healthy snacks. They're perfect for a midday boost without the guilt of greasy, unhealthy food. Acai bowls are an excellent choice, packed with antioxidants that protect your cells from damage. These bowls are not only refreshing and delicious but also incredibly fulfilling. Enjoying an acai bowl is a great way to stay cool and energised during these warm days.


Copa Acai

With several branches across Cairo, Copa Acai serves some of the best acai in Egypt. They deliver to New Cairo and the 6th of October, and their practical cup packaging makes it easy to enjoy anywhere. It's the perfect healthy snack on the go!



Located in Maadi, Acairo boasts a charming aesthetic and offers two sizes of their acai bowls. The add-ons are displayed right in front of you, allowing for easy customisation. Their diverse menu also includes healthy and light smoothies and meals, making it a great spot for a nutritious snack.


Be Acai

Be Acai may not be as well-known, but its acai is fantastic. While it doesn't have a seating area, the quality of its acai more than makes up for it. Its practical packaging allows you to enjoy it while standing or on the go. If you're looking for a quick, healthy snack that doesn't compromise on taste, Be Acai is a great choice.


Para Bowls

Para Bowls has branches all over Egypt, offering a variety of delicious bowls, including acai bowls. It offers a wide selection of toppings, allowing you to customise your bowl just the way you like it.



Lychee is known for its healthy and delicious food, and its acai bowls are no exception. The bright side is they have a website you can order from, saving you the hassle of driving. It's super convenient for when you're stuck at work or short on time.