’Tis the season to go on a one-day trip to Alexandria and make the most out of it, starting from food and all the way to…food! You’ll get to enjoy the scenery, have some of the best Alexandrian dishes, and enjoy the city in just a couple of hours.


Breakfast – Alban Swissra

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If you go to Alex and skip the famous Alban Swissra, then you barely even went! They serve the most mouthwatering breakfast you’ll ever have. The place is small and frequently visited by celebrities.

Brunch – Delices

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For brunch, we won’t recommend the typical Gelaty Azza, but we will advise you to visit the oh-so-elegant Delices and enjoy their food and dessert delicacies!

Lunch – Zafeer/El Lol

It’s all about lunch in Alexandria because that should be your main meal. You have to visit Zafeer or El Lol – depending on your budget – for fantastic seafood dishes. The fish is fresh, and the view is breathtaking!

Snacks and Desserts – El Sheikh Wafik and Mokambo

Obviously, it’s not the perfect trip if you don’t try El Sheikh Wafik’s delicious cuscus or for the most fantastic cream puffs and desserts, you should go ahead and pay Mokambo a visit.

Dinner – Samy

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And finally, the star of the trip, you need to eat kebda the Alexandrian way, and there’s no better way to do that than at Samy. They have a variety of street food, but their kebda is out of this world!