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The Holy month of Ramadan is upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited for the warm family and friend gatherings, yummy food, and the ability to repent under Ramadan rituals. But with fasting season just around the corner, there are some foods we recommend you not eat during the month to avoid indigestion, discomfort, or extreme thirst the following day. We know you might crave these dishes, but that’s why we’re listing them for you to eat now before the season starts!


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As delicious as it may be, sushi can make fasting the next day very challenging. This is due to its high fish content and salty soy sauce, slowly making your body call for a glass of hydrating water. And depending on how much of it you eat, sushi is not the most filling dish and can leave you hungry all day.


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This one doesn’t necessitate an explanation, does it? Fesikh is a fermented and heavily salted fish that will undoubtedly leave you thirsty and uncomfortable the day after eating it. Worse, if not fermented properly, it could lead to food poisoning!  

Caffeinated Beverages 

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In addition to dehydration, caffeine withdrawal is one of the hardest challenges we face during Ramadan. If you’re a caffeine lover, it can seem impossible to go a day without having at least a cup of tea or coffee after you break your fast; but we suggest you limit your caffeine intake before Ramadan not to struggle as much when the fasting starts.

Copious Amounts of Sugar

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As much as we love Ramadan’s mouthwatering desserts that we can’t get enough of each fasting season, decreasing your sugar intake can help ease your fasting the following day. It can additionally habituate you to reduce it in your everyday life, irrespective of Ramadan.


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Let’s talk about the aftermath of heartburn and indigestion that koshary causes. We can’t deny that it’s a staple food that shows in at least one Ramadan Iftar. So, if you’re planning on eating koshary, make sure you at least have a probiotic drink beside you to ease the process of digestion and avoid discomfort throughout the day.