Forget that expensive flight; prepare for a delicious journey through Cairo's finest Italian spots. From hidden gems to fancy affairs, we've got your taste buds covered. We're talking pizza so fantastic that it'll have you saying "grazie mille" with your mouth full!


CIO x Trattoria

CIO x Trattoria serves up slices like works of art, with fresh toppings that'll make you weak in the knees. Feeling Italian? Get your mouth ready for the best gourmet pizzas and pasta that'll challenge your taste buds' limits.



If you're looking for the perfect mouthwatering pasta dish made from scratch in the authentic Italian way, then Pastini is the way to go. We guarantee perfectly cooked Italian food that will make you go Mamma Mia in no time!



If you're from Maadi, you know this is the OG Italian place for the best comfort food! Dive into a vat of cheesy goodness, whether pizza or pasta, where the portions are filling, and the prices won't break your bank.


Sapori Di Carlo

Feeling fancy and want to eat something so divine you'll crave more the minute you finish your dish? Sapori Di Carlo will make you feel like Italian royalty with their perfectly cooked pizza and pasta dishes.


Piccolo Mondo

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Craving something a little different? Piccolo Mondo offers a vintage and retro style of Italian cuisine, with stunning Nile views at the Le Pacha boat! It's also perfect for a truly romantic experience that will transport you straight to Venice with its mood lighting and beautiful decor.



Not only will you obsess over their portions, which will leave your stomach full and your heart warm and happy, but their menu variety will excite you! Want advice? Try the risotto, and thank us later!