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Discover the top shawarma places in Cairo, where delicious and authentic flavours meet. It all starts with a bite of a juicy chicken or mouthwatering beef with veggies and yummy tahini sauce. Indulge in the best shawarma the city has to offer; you can't miss out on the following spots!

Share3 El Hamra

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It's a Wust El Balad gem that everyone admires. Share3 El Hamra offers many delicious options, but their sujuk shawarma is a must-try.


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Not many people know how good Joe's is when it comes to Egyptian food, but Joe's sure excels in different types of savoury, yummy shawerma.

Jana's Shawerma Wok

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If you haven't tried Jana's Shawerma Wok, you're missing out on the best chicken shawerma options in New Cairo! Not only does it serve the food sizzling every time, but it also offers different styles that will keep you wanting more!


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It's a New Cairo staple. If you know Broccar, you are also aware that every New Cairo resident has a thing for Broccar that they can't explain. If you order one sandwich, you'll want a dozen more!


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If you're craving a shawerma meal that will leave you full and satisfied, Kazdora in New Cairo won't disappoint. Their portions are notably sizeable, and let's not forget about the wonderful flavours!


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Sheikh Zayed has a speciality shawerma spot called Akleh. It is one of Zayed's most popular shawerma places, and people can't stop talking about it!