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Nothing beats a weekend spent right to prepare you to head back to work on Sunday. So don’t spend your weekend lounging on the couch and watching Netflix shows; start making reservations and buying tickets for the many fun events awaiting you! We have gathered all the fun for you in this week’s weekend guide, and we promise it is more tempting than scanning over a hundred shows in search of something to watch.


RiseUp Summit ’23 at Grand Egyptian Museum

The biggest entrepreneurial event in the MENA region is happening this weekend, with nearly 250 speakers joining the event to share their inspirational stories. Meet people with similar aspirations and make life-changing connections with potential employees, partners, customers, and investors at RiseUp Summit ‘23!

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Imagine at Startup Haus

We recall that a few months ago, everyone posted AI-generated pictures of themselves, making us curious about how AI works. If you want to learn about artificial intelligence and how it can aid designers in their crafts, get tickets to this event before they sell out!

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The Dark Side by Paranoid Eyes at Room Art Space Garden City

Finally, back to the stage of Room Garden City is Paranoid Eyes, here this weekend to bring you more of their signature tribute music for Pink Floyd. So bring your friends who similarly love Pink Floyd to sing along to the band’s iconic songs!

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Karaoke Night at Room Art Space New Cairo

Spotlight your talent this weekend with Karaoke Night at Room New Cairo. Sing your heart out on stage to all the songs you typically sing in a car ride with your friends.

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Doaa Fakher at Ubuntu Art Gallery

Another exhibition featuring Doaa Fakher’s beautiful canvases and incredible art will display at Ubuntu Art Gallery. The exhibit is available from March 15th until April 11th.

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Odqin, Laila Beshara, & Laï at Cairo Jazz Club

Tune in this Thursday for a lineup of local talents. Starting the night is Odqin with a fusion of jazzy, soulful music. Then, the upcoming star Laila Beshara will debut her exciting blend of trap drums and distorted synths alongside her out-of-this-world vocals. But that’s not all; Laï will also debut her newest music on stage.

For reservations, send CJC a FB message between 12-8 PM.

Sebbz B2B Ouzo at Odin The Pool House

Catch Sebbz and Ouzo as they play upbeat music all night this Thursday at your favourite Pool House, Odin.

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Innellea at Mohamed Ali Pasha Palace

Finally back in Cairo — this time, at a different venue — is Innellea, who will perform at Mohamed Ali Pasha Palace. The performance is part of their Five Phases Tour, so expect insane visuals and an unforgettable experience!

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Bleak at Room Art Space Garden City

Dear Metal fans, we have not forgotten about you! Bleak, the Opeth tribute band is coming to the stage of Room Garden City this Friday, and we guarantee you’ll love their performance.

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Shereet Cocktail ft. Anis at Cairo Jazz Club 610

Party like there’s no tomorrow with the typically incredible vibes at CJC 610. All your favourite Arabic and English pop hits will play all night, which means nonstop dancing till late!

For reservations, send CJC 610 a FB message between 12-8 PM.

The Locally Experience at ZED Park

More than 20 local brands will showcase their designs and products on the stage of ZED. The event aiming to inspire talents to create their own designs and obtain a deeper look at the ideas now in the market will take place this Friday!

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XO Stripped Night Vol. 2 at Room Art Space Garden City

We have all dreamt about attending a concert for our favourite singer, but none of them ever add Egypt to their “world tours”. As Egyptians, we like to take matters into our own hands, and that’s precisely what Party Monsters, the only XO tribute band that brings the essence of The Weeknd’s music to the stage, does! So tune in and enjoy your favourite songs by Abel.

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Ghostly Kisses at Cairo Jazz Club 610

If you were lucky to score tickets before they sold out, you have every right to show off the performance on your Instagram story. In case you didn’t know, the French-Canadian musical project is coming to Egypt for two concerts in a row held in CJC 610. It’s too bad you can’t get tickets anymore, but we love keeping our readers in the loop.

For reservations, send CJC 610 a FB message between 12-8 PM.