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Since we’re finally done unwrapping endless Secret Santa gifts, there’s one thing left to do before the start of the New Year: celebrate! How many of your friends have asked you what you are doing this New Year’s Eve, and you weren’t sure how to answer? We are here to remind you that we are only a few days away from starting 2023, but there are many events to help end 2022 on a good note!



New Year's Weekend at Somabay

Why celebrate New Year's in one day when you could dedicate a whole week's worth to celebrations? Join the fun this weekend at Somabay, Red Sea, with performances by many renowned artists and DJs, such as DJunkie, Gawdat, Chaos in the CBD, and more. The big-time event hosted byGanz will have each night of your weekend dedicated to different themes and several charming accommodations options to make your trip worthwhile.

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Dozee & Momo at Cairo Jazz Club 610

There’s one more weekend left in 2022, and we think we can still save the year with a couple more parties. Start with the best house beats from Dozee and Momo this Thursday at CJC 610.

Send CJC 610 a FB message between 12-8 PM for reservations.

Egyptian Project at Cairo Jazz Club

Another performance from the folk band Egyptian Project will offer good luck for the following year. Enjoy one more of their performances before the year ends and experience the tranquil atmosphere that accompanies their masterful tunes.

For reservations, send CJC a FB message between 12-8 PM.

Mina Milad at Ubuntu Art Gallery

The talented fine arts graduate is ready to amaze all art enthusiasts with his work. Mina Milad’s new “Place of Truth” collection is as astonishing as all his previous works. The exhibit is available until January 10th; see his work for yourself as a New Year’s resolution!

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Laugh About (New Year) at Room Art Space Garden City

Remember how we all started 2022 with the “new year, new me” mindset? We bet that hasn’t gone too well for you, either. Join the talented comedians Mohamed Hassanien, Ahmed Magdy, Shehab El Ashry, and Ahmed Hassan as they share all their 2022 regrets and bad decisions. 

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Urban Candy at Cairo Jazz Club 610

Can your feet handle two days of partying in a row? Put your party stamina to the test and party the night before New Year’s with Urban Candy as they play all your favourite pop hits.

Send CJC 610 a FB message between 12-8 PM for reservations.

The Nutcracker Ballet at Cairo Opera House

Nothing screams fancy date night more than a night in formal attire at the opera. So if you are looking for an elegant way to end the year before all the craziness of New Year’s Eve starts, there’s no better place to be than the Cairo Opera House. So prepare to be mesmerised this Friday with a fantastic live ballet performance of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker.

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Goom Gum, Lith K, & Etch at Space Sharm El Sheikh

Take your New Year's Eve plans to Sharm El Sheikh for an electric night not to be forgotten. DJs Goom Gum, Lith K, and Etch are in charge of providing the room with electrifying beats to count down to the start of the new year.

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Karaoke Night & Funny Hats at Room Art Space New Cairo

Unlike any other New Year’s Eve party this weekend, Room New Cairo will host a fun yet different celebration. Funny hats, karaoke, open mic, and face painting are all part of the schedule, and we couldn’t be more excited!

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Moustafa Amar & Bubblegum Kollectiv at Cairo Jazz Club 610

CJC 610 has been there for us with magnificent parties that we will remember in years to come. And for every New Year’s Eve special, they did not disappoint. The Egyptian superstar Moustafa Amar will make sure that El Leila Dope! by performing his greatest hits. Bubblegum Kollectiv will later control the decks with all your favourite pop hits.

Send CJC 610 a FB message between 12-8 PM for reservations.

Heavy Pins & Junior at Cairo Jazz Club

Let’s make this year’s resolution to have more fun. Where else to start than by heading to CJC? Dance to 2023 with uplifting beats to keep you moving all night. Heavy Pins and Junior Music will spin the decks, ensuring you won’t leave the dance floor till late.

For reservations, send CJC a FB message between 12-8 PM.

Cabaret Night at Code Restaurant

End the year the old Egyptian way at the Cabaret. Code restaurant is providing more than just delicious bites and tasty cocktails. Belly dancer Diana and DJ Shady Maher will join the night for a proper 2022 farewell party.

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Block Party at El Gouna

Instead of spending the night posting things on Facebook like “tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book,” hop on a ride to Gouna and make the last chapter of this year’s book worth remembering. A lineup of local DJs will help you turn up with reggae, house music, and much more played. Akladios, Aly Goede, and many more are waiting to start the new year with you.

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The Marmalade Jam, Soul Medicine Man, & DJ A K at The Tap West

Nothing is sadder than doing nothing on New Year’s or watching the fireworks on the TV. So this year, be a partygoer and join The Marmalade Jam and Soul Medicine Man as they spin some soul and funk beats, followed by A K to continue the night with the hottest hip-hop and RnB hits.

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New Year’s Concert at Cairo Opera House

Do you want altogether to avoid the party scene this New Year’s? Cairo Opera House is here to save you with a classy concert. Cairo Symphony Orchestra will perform classic melodies that will set a cheerful mood for the new year.

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