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The spooky season is over, and sweet November has finally kicked in! In the first weekend, we have the last concert of Cairo Jazz Festival, more D-CAF plays, and the 8th edition of Cairo Comix Festival. Moreover, there are art exhibitions and musical performances that you don't wanna miss! Read on to find out all about this weekend's events in Cairo.


Ashraf El Zamzami's Exuberance Exhibition at Safarkhan Art Gallery

This new set is an even more in-depth exploration of Zamzami's mysterious mind, transporting us to a realm where the carefree abandon of youth reigns supreme. The world is at this elderly man's feet, and his mind is full of the young exuberance of youth. The exhibition is scheduled to close on November 29. For more information, follow this link!

"Discreet Charm of the Pillars of Society" Play at Falaki Theatre

D-CAF will be hosting "The Discreet Charm of the Pillars of Society" play as part of its Arab Arts Focus programme (AAF). The Discreet Charm of the Pillars of Society continues Ahmed El Attar's interest in family relationships begun in his trilogy Life is Beautiful or Waiting for My Uncle from America 2000 (The Last Supper 2014, and Mama 2018). For more information, follow this link.

Casino Badi3a at ROOM Garden City

Let Room Garden City transport you through time and space this Thursday with the relaxing folkloric melodies of Casino Badi3a. For more information, follow this link.

Cairo Jazz Festival

If you haven't had a chance to attend the Cairo Jazz Festival yet, don’t fret because it is still running till Friday November 3rd. Performing Thursday are the Dainius Pulauskas Trio from Lithuania and Astrid Engberg from Denmark. The last day will have concerts by Eftekasat (Egypt), Atanas Valkov (Poland), and Rana Haggag (Egypt).


"How Am I Here?" Play at the Factory

Many Syrians who have been living abroad for a long time still have uneasy longings to return home, but they can't be sure whether these sensations are the anticipated yearning or another nightmare. Mey Seifan's cross-genre performance "How Am I Here?" examines these sentiments! For more information on the play, follow this link.

Cairo Comix Festival 8th Edition at Mahmoud Mokhtar Cultural Center

The Cairo Comix festival is back with its 8th edition for you and your comic-lover friends to enjoy at Mahmoud Mokhtar Cultural Center in Downtown Cairo. From November 3rd to 5th, Cairo Comix is blessing us with three exhibitions and book signing events by your favourite publishers and artists. Read the full article for more information.

Devil’s Hope at Gomhoreya Theatre

Spooky season is not over just yet, and Egyptian Modern Dance Company is bringing you an enthralling experience with the Devil's Hope performance at Masrah El Gomhouria this Friday. Follow this link for more information.

Mobbz & DJ Fatsam at Cairo Jazz Club 610

You don't miss out on a night full of excitement and nostalgia on November 3rd; Mobbz, DJ Fatsam, and AK will be playing all your favourite old-school hip-hop hits. For more information, follow this link.


Tuwa & High Dam at Cairo Jazz Club

On November 4th, the Sinai band Tuwa will make their debut at Cairo Jazz Club, bringing with them a distinctive blend of Saharan vocals and captivating rhythms. But that's not all; next up is the Alandrian band High Dam, who put a fresh spin on traditional Nubian songs. For more information follow this link.

Bound Fest at Golf and Dog Park

This coming Saturday, come on out to the Golf and Dog Park for a day of fun with Bound Fest. The festival has something for everyone, from dog training courses and grooming trucks to family-friendly Zumba lessons and contests. For more information, follow this link!

Nos Darba Band at ROOM Garden City

Nos Darba is a one-of-a-kind band that brings together musicians of many nationalities to create a mesmerising combination of music that draws inspiration from all around the globe! This Saturday, in Room Garden City, get ready for a wholesome music experience! For more information follow this link.

Cairo Symphony Orchestra at Cairo Opera House

Cairo Opera House constantly brings us the best orchestral performances. On Saturday, the Cairo Symphony Orchestra will play in the main hall of the Cairo Opera House. Follow this link to learn more.