This coming weekend, there will be a number of art exhibits and music events for you to enjoy as a way to take a break from the pressures of your job and other responsibilities and delve into the relaxing month of November. This weekend, from Hisham Abbas performance, Spain’s European Canon performance to Alwan Art Festival and photography exhibition, immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife that Cairo has to offer!


Absorption Exhibition at AlMashrabia Art Gallery

The well-known Tayseer Hamed is the artist behind the Absorption Exhibition and it has been successfully running for days now and will continue on for more! For more information on this exhibition, follow this link.

Dream Pop Night at ROOM Garden City

Tasnim is a classically educated pianist and piano instructor who has lately branched out into her own musical style, presenting original songs with dreamy covers with her beloved friends: Saher Yousry on keys, Mohamed Rajab on lead guitar, Youssef hassan on bass, and Ashraf Gebreil on drums. For more information on reservations, hit this link!

Husa & Zeyada at Cairo Jazz Club 610

All proceeds from the Music for Palestine performance at CJC 610 will be donated to the people of Palestine. Husa and Zeyada have teamed together with CJC 610 to host this benefit with the hope of assisting our Palestinian sisters and brothers in Gaza. For more information on the event and reservations, follow this link.

"Still Here" Photography Exhibition at Ubuntu Art Gallery

Yehia Alialy has put together a photographic exhibition titled "Still Here" that examines the current state of Egyptian towns through the lens of documentary and record photography. For more information, follow this link.


Hisham Abbas & Anis at Cairo Jazz Club 610

For the revival of Ma Yatloboho Al Mostame3oon on November 10 at CJC 610, Hisham Abbas will perform a live set. With Anis on the decks, you can expect to hear nothing but the best in pop music! For more information, follow this link.

Alwan's 22nd Edition of Art Festival at Galal El Sharkawy Theatre

The mission of Alwan is to provide art enthusiasts with the chance to participate in workshops covering numerous aspects of the creative process. The 22nd annual Alwan Art Festival will include a wide variety of artistic expressions, from photography and video to graffiti and painting to choral singing and pace. For more information on the event, follow this link.

SON006 at Helix Restaurant and Bar

At this show, presented by the Spanish duo European Canon, you may hear the latest developments in Egyptian electronic music creation. The show at Manial's Helix Restaurant and Bar will also include the Egyptian artists Rozer, Malalaalaaa, and Essxperx. Please click here for more details.

Ashraf El Zamzami's Exuberance Exhibition at Safarkhan Art Gallery

Ashraf El Zamzami, a mainstay of the contemporary art scene since the early '90s, have a solo exhibition at Safarkhan that started on October 31 and is still running. Click here for additional details about this exhibition.


New Folder at ROOM Garden City

New Folder are going to be performing this year's most popular tracks. This Saturday at ROOM Garden City, you can see a performance by a group of artists that love to share their humorous and upbeat perspectives via music. Click here to learn more about it.

Dr. Shahir and Alfa Rock at Cairo Jazz Club

In the mood for some electronica with a little more edge? You can rely on Dr. Shahir and Alfa Rock! When nontraditional sounds are employed and arranged well, the resulting product is always enjoyable. For more information, follow this link.

Art Therapy Workshop at Takiyyat Musafir

Art therapy is one of the things you might want to consider doing for a better mental health. The 4-hour workshop at Takiyyat Musafir will teach you all about art therapy and how to connect with your feelings and emotions via art. For more information, follow this link.

Great Symphonies III at the Cairo Opera House

This Saturday, the Cairo Opera House will host a performance of the great symphonies of amazing French and Russian composers like Ravel and Rachmaninov, including the magnificent performances of piano soloist Laura Mikkola and conductor Ahmed El Saedi. For more information, hit this link.