Deciding that an entire year of 365 days will be all fun and games is a stretch; we suggest aiming for smaller steps, for example, manifesting that this extra-long weekend is your weekend. And many events await you, so get off your couch, turn off Netflix, and check out our weekend guide for which hot events you need to head to these coming days!



Pink Seasalt, Nomarch, & Rootzadelics at Cairo Jazz Club

Welcome the long weekend with unforgettable music and exceptional vibes. First up this Thursday is Pink Seasalt, with a fusion of indie-rock and neo-psychedelic sounds. The night does not end there; Nomarch will join the fun with rhythmic beats and ambient guitar riffs, followed by Rootzadelics to end the night with their debut reggae performance.

For reservations, send CJC a FB message between 12-8 PM.

Amorano, Axl, Sebzz, & Ouzo at Cairo Jazz Club 610

How sad would the weekend be without Electric Thursdays at CJC 610? The lineup includes many talents this Thursday to keep you entertained all night. Amorano will be first with a melodious set, followed by house rhythms from Axl. Then, veteran DJ Sebzz and Ouzo will keep the party up till late with a B2B set of their signature beats.

Send CJC 610 a FB message between 12-8 PM for reservations.

Sherif AbdelBadie at Ubuntu Art Gallery

Are you looking for inspiration to help with your artist’s block? Then, head to Ubuntu Art Gallery and enjoy the unique contemporary art of the Egyptian genius Sherif AbdelBadie. His newest collection is titled “Ancient Egypt” and is displayed starting January 18th until February 7th.

For more info, click here.

Mohamed Khedr at Ubuntu Art Gallery

Mohamed Khedr has been painting and creating art almost his entire life. His newest collection, “Once Again”, will take you to another world of his creation. The exhibition will open starting January 18th until February 7th.

For more info, click here.

Cairo International Book Fair at Egypt International Exhibition Center

The time of the year that bookworms wait for is finally here. Cairo International Book Fair will launch starting January 26th until February 6th. Ensure you get your tickets online, as it is open from 10 AM to 9 PM.

For more info, click here.

Only 30 at Makan         

This weekend is a challenge for El Hezb El Comedy as each act will have 30 minutes to spend on stage. The lineup includes comedians such as Shehab El Ashry, Mohamed Habib, and Omar El Hassan.

For more info, click here.



Mark Hoffen, Omar Khalifa, & Pacmen at Cairo Jazz Club

If melodic music is your go-to, you must be at CJC this Friday. Mark Hoffen is sponsoring all your melodic techno needs with an incredible set that will keep you moving on the dance floor. More techno will come your way with Omar Khalifa and the Pacemen duo, who will be tuning in later that night.  

For reservations, send CJC a FB message between 12-8 PM.

Bubblegum Kollectiv at Cairo Jazz Club 610

Can you believe Bubblegum Kollectiv has blessed us with the best party music for four years? Celebrate their fourth anniversary this Friday. These past four years have been filled with diverse hits ranging from 90's pop to house classics, afro beats, and reggaeton, and there’s only more to come!

Send CJC 610 a FB message between 12-8 PM for reservations.

DarQube at Room Art Space Garden City

DarQube is the rock band you never knew you needed. Since it doesn’t look like Imagine Dragons will come to Egypt’s capital anytime soon, this group of musicians is bringing their music to Room Art Space with a twist. So enjoy your favourite Imagine Dragon hits and sing your lungs out with a crowd with the same passion.

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English Standup Comedy Show at Dandy Mega Mall

Laugh in all languages with Canadian, French, and Egyptian comedians who will collaborate to bring you an unforgettable standup comedy night. The lineup includes Julien, Ahmed Shehata, Brian Aylward, and Hashem El Garhy. The event will be held at The Golden Theater, and you can purchase your tickets online or on-door.

For more info & tickets, click here.



Nour Project & Meshwar at Cairo Jazz Club

Party like there’s no tomorrow, with great vibes awaiting you at CJC this Saturday. Nour Project will fill the air with their saxophone tunes and positive energy. Meshwar will join the stage next with upbeat reggae music.

For reservations, send CJC a FB message between 12-8 PM.

Hamza Bahaa at Room Art Space New Cairo

Natural talent is being able to improvise jokes rather than reading off a set script, and that’s the expertise of Hamza Bahaa. So join Room New Cairo this Saturday and be part of the act!

For more info, click here.

Found Souls X Sara’s Organic Farm

Reconnect with nature this Saturday with a one-day retreat at Sara’s Organic Farm. Meditate, pet adorable farm animals, and enjoy fresh and healthy food.

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Story Writing Workshop at Diwan Bookstore

Do you have story ideas you need help putting into words? This five-week story writing workshop will help you learn more about writing and creative strategies that can later allow you to publish a bestseller. Mai Serhan will teach you all you need to know, but only four spots remain, so sign up immediately!

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