Ready to liven up your summer nights? This weekend's lineup is packed with unmissable events that will keep the energy high and the fun rolling. From electrifying live performances and epic DJ sets to captivating stand-up comedy shows, we've rounded up the best happenings around town. Dive into our guide and discover how these hit events will make your summer nights memorable!



Nirvana & Foo Fighters Tribute & More at CJC

Prepare for a night of rock and nostalgia with Seattle Band as they deliver back-to-back tributes to Foo Fighters and Nirvana, followed by Figure 09 Band's classic renditions of Linkin Park hits. Mark your calendars for July 4th at CJC and get ready for an evening filled with rock and roll!

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Abdelbaset Hamouda at Tiki

Embark on an unforgettable evening as the legendary Abdelbaset Hamouda takes over Tiki's stage on July 4th. Don't miss the chance to experience the magic of his timeless music live. It's set to be a night of pure musical brilliance and unforgettable moments!

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Rima, The Cadillacs & Soul Street at The Tap South


Get ready for an unforgettable night at The Tap South on July 4th with Rima, The Cadillacs, and Soul Street! These incredible acts are set to deliver electrifying performances that will keep you rocking all night long. Don't miss out on this epic night of music and fun!

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Dozee & Pyramido at Odin The Poolhouse

Experience an extraordinary night at Odin The Poolhouse with the incredible talents of Dozee and Pyramido taking the stage. Get ready for a captivating evening of music and magic that you won't want to miss!

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Bazar by Sasson at Sol Beach, North Coast

Brace yourselves for the ultimate night of partying with Bazar by Sasson at Sol Beach, North Coast, on July 5th. This is the event of the summer you won't want to miss, where the beats will be pumping and the energy will be through the roof. 

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Mohamed Hamaki at Coastal Road Port Said City

Mark your calendars as Mohamed Hamaki takes the stage at Coastal Road, Port Said City, on July 5th. Get ready for a spectacular performance that will leave you buzzing with excitement and joy! 

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Dou at LeeLoo, North Coast

Save the date for an epic night on July 5th! Dou will ignite the stage at LeeLoo in Swan Lake at North Coast, delivering unique vibes and non-stop energy. Don't miss out on this electrifying performance!

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Andy Cheikho, Mobbz, & AK at CJC 610

Enjoy a dazzling night on July 5th at CJC 610 as local favourites Mobbz, AK, and Andy Cheikho take over the decks. With the hottest RnB and hip-hop bangers, they're set to ignite the dance floor and keep you grooving all night long. 

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Saad El Soghayar at Tiki

The iconic Saad El Soghayar is set to light up the stage at Tiki on the 5th of July. Prepare for an electrifying night of memorable performances and lively entertainment!

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Stand-Up Comedy Night at ROOM New Cairo

Expect a night of non-stop laughter at Stand-Up Comedy Night on July 6th at ROOM Art Space New Cairo. Featuring a lineup of talented comedians, this event promises to tickle your funny bone and keep you entertained all evening. 

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Salma Hisham & Nos Darba at CJC

Join CJC on July 6th for an evening of musical brilliance! Salma Hisham and Nos Darba will showcase their distinctive talents on stage. Salma enchants with her heartfelt interpretations of timeless Arabic melodies by Fairouz and Sayed Darwish, evoking deep emotions in her audience. Meanwhile, Nos Darba brings a unique blend of musical influences, harmoniously crafted by a diverse group of international musicians, promising an unforgettable performance that will resonate long after the night ends. 

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‎Nesma Herky at Consoleya

Immerse yourself into a captivating evening guided by the talented vocalist Nesma Herky at Consoleya on July 6th. Delight in her soulful melodies and charismatic stage presence as she enchants the audience with her heartfelt performance. Join a night filled with music that will touch your soul and create lasting memories.

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