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Whether you spend your vacation by the beach or in pyjamas at home with the air conditioning on, you can benefit from a page-turning read to remove your worries. And lucky for you, we have compiled a list of some insightful non-fiction Egyptian publications that are perfect for self-identification this season. So let’s get started, then!

1-     Momtale’ Bel Faragh – Emad Rashad Osman

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This psychological work shattered all our preconceived conscious and subconscious notions. Everyone can benefit from a discussion about addiction and compulsive behaviours. Uniquely, the book focuses on the habits people develop to fill a void rather than drug abuse or other, more common addictions. The author, psychiatrist Emad Rashad Osman, uses simple but evocative language to encourage introspection on one’s problems.

2-     Al Khoroug ‘An Al Nas – Mohamed Taha

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With no technical or complicated terms, Al-Khoroug ‘An Al Nas is a manifesto written in simple standard Arabic about our relationships with ourselves and others. Quickly digging deep into the “self”, this book will help you figure out the root of your internal psychological problems and give you the key to begin fixing them and moving forward.

3-     Scheherazade on Fire – Heba El Sawah

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Life coaching is taken to a whole new level by Heba El-Sawah. In her book, she writes about Scheherazade, a modern girl who travels back in time to tell tales to the arrogant man, Shahrayer. She teaches both him and us many lessons about life through her stories. There are also sections in the book that ask questions to the reader to help you better understand your “true self”.

4-     Eza’et El Aghani – Omar Taher

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Omar Taher writes in a distinctive style, making picking a favourite among his many published works difficult. But this book stands out with its exploration of the personal significance of music. The author discusses experiences from his life accompanied by songs that capture the essence of those times. So, does life happen in the background as you listen to music, or does music play while life happens? Read the book for an answer!

5-     Hekayat Al Ghourfa 207 – Ahmed Khalid Tawfik

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Although this read is fictional, it will stick in your head regardless! While many of us enjoyed watching the hit Shahid series Room 207, not everyone has had the chance to read the original novel it is based on. There are many intriguing novels by the late Ahmed Khalid Tawfik, but this one delves into the heart of what it means to face your fears and the psychological agony that follows. Plus, you can find out how the story turned out before season two of the inspired series airs!