via Rahet Bally

Cairo’s biggest motherhood community is back with another Rahet Bally Experience. Rahet Bally annually delivers events curated for Egyptian mothers every November and March. And the Rahet Bally Experience “Be Our Mamalisa!” Edition marks the grandest family event in Egypt to date.


When and Where Is This Year’s Rahet Bally Experience?

The Rahet Bally Experience’s fifth edition will take place at Sheikh Zayed’s Walk of Cairo on Saturday, November 26th. So mark your calendars to gather your family at this family-oriented event!

The Theme Behind Be Our Mamalisa!

The event’s name is a play on Da Vinci’s famous illustration of a woman that had a worldwide impact on the art industry and perception of women. Aiming to impose a similar footprint, this Rahet Bally Experience is all about art.

With this event, Rahet Bally aims to highlight the influential art in women’s everyday activities, such as choosing a fragrance, decorating a home, cooking meals, and, most significantly, motherhood.

What Does the Family Event Include?

Be Our Mamalisa! will feature significant art pieces depicting the significance and beauty of women and motherhood, such as the work of Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Van Gogh, and Andy Warhol. The event will additionally include theatrical performances adding to the uplifting and cheerful atmosphere you’re guaranteed to find in every corner.

For the kids, caricature artist Makhlouf will be present with an active Arab Origami Center. Several other fun activities, competitions, and interactive art shows will take place across the magical event to enthral and entertain your families for its entire duration.

Rahet Bally founder Nadia Gamal El-Din shares that the chosen activities and installations will provide joyous opportunities for “families to experience for the first time” and ensure “smiles and happiness for all family members.”

How to Reserve for the Family

You can book your tickets here to secure a spot for your family at this year’s magnificent Rahet Bally Experience.