Several well-known celebrities were silently battling breast cancer behind their dazzling smiles and glamorous red carpet appearances. Their journeys, marked by fear, resilience, and the fight for survival, constantly remind everyone that breast cancer does not see fame or fortune.

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month is coming to an end, we turn our attention to the remarkable individuals who have overcome personal battles with breast cancer and emerged as resilient survivors. Join us on a journey through the lives of these celebrity breast cancer survivors who've transformed their experiences into a living testament of hope and inspiration.


The late Shadia's journey began with excruciating breast pain during her Raya & Sakina play, prompting her to undergo the necessary tests. When she received the shocking news of her breast cancer diagnosis, she moved to France for treatment.

There, she underwent a mastectomy but didn't let her battle with cancer hinder her artistic pursuits. Upon returning from her treatment, she starred in her final film, La Tas2alny Man Ana, before ultimately deciding to retire. Shadia's legacy continued as she generously donated her private residence, transforming it into a dedicated cancer research centre to benefit future patients.

Nahid Sherif

Nahid Sharif's battle with the disease unfolded tragically. She is an orphan who married an unsupportive husband. During her illness, she had to endure the entire treatment process alone. She was diagnosed at her peak of fame and success in 1979. Even though she sought treatment in Sweden, she had to move back prematurely due to her inability to fund the rest of her treatment. Financial assistance was collected for her treatment but never reached her due to her husband's deceit.

Consequently, after five years of fighting her battle, she created a series of her most exceptional artistic works. Her final project, Morsi Foo2 Morsi Taht, saw her determination as she insisted on completing its filming despite being in pain.

Madiha Kamel

Following her diagnosis, Madiha embarked on a journey to battle the disease through surgery to excise the tumour. Simultaneously, she abandoned detrimental habits such as smoking and nightlife. Upon her triumph over the illness, she returned to her old habits, leading to its recurrence. 

Tragically, this happened during the last ten days of Ramadan while reading the Qur'an and fasting. Then, she profoundly transformed her life, leading to her retirement and adopting a devout lifestyle.

Basma Wahba

Journalist Basma Wahba's own battle with breast cancer commenced in 2013. At that time, she sensed a peculiar lump while on a business trip to Dubai. It wasn't long before a mammogram unveiled the presence of a tumour that would leave an indelible mark on her life.

This led to her engagement in a resilient year-long fight against the disease, which ultimately necessitated the removal of one of her breasts. She initiated her treatment regime in Paris and, over time, emerged as a triumphant survivor.


Lebanese singer Elissa went public revealing her battle with breast cancer in 2018. Following her diagnosis, she courageously embarked on a recovery journey, undergoing radiation and chemotherapy sessions.

During one of her concerts, Elissa faced a health scare when she fell on stage due to high blood pressure. This challenging period prompted her to share her experience through writing her hit track, Ella Koll Elly Yehebouny, which was received with tremendous support from her dedicated fans and fellow artists.