Saba Mubarak stands as living proof that talent and dedication can make you a superstar in a country that is not your hometown in no time. Her journey from the hallowed halls of Yarmouk University's Faculty of Fine Arts to the dazzling lights of the entertainment world has been nothing short of remarkable. 

As we celebrate Saba Mubarak's birthday, we are reminded that she has proven to know no bounds; she has effortlessly transitioned between genres, tackling everything from gripping dramas to lighthearted comedies with grace. Here's to many more years of unforgettable moments on screen from this Jordanian jewel:


Raya - El 3ahd

Through her portrayal of Raya, Saba Mubarak breathes life into a character who embodies strength, resilience, and defiance in the face of adversity. Raya is a powerful force amidst the endless power struggles and deceit plaguing the three villages. Raya emerges as a powerful leader who defies the oppressive rule of men and refuses to abide by societal norms constructed by a male-dominated hierarchy.


Mohga - Taye3

Saba Mubarak's portrayal of Mogha in the hit series Taye3 was both pivotal and a breath of fresh air. The forbidden romance between her and Amr Youssef's character and how they defied all odds to be together before her tragic ending at the hands of Harbi, played by Amr Abdel Galil, was heartbreaking, to say the least. 


Dorreya - Afrah El Qubba

In Afrah El-Qubba, Saba delivered one of her best performances as Dorreya. As one of the theatre group's actors tangled in the unfolding drama, her character grappled with the revelation of her past secrets. With each scene, she immerses herself fully into Dorreya's emotional journey, exploring the complexities of love, betrayal, and redemption. 


Gamila - Moga Harra 

Another powerhouse performance was in her role as Gamila in Moga Harra, a woman practising in the trade industry. Her character's entanglement with the corrupted Sheikh shaped the power dynamics within the narrative. As the series delves into themes of morality and societal double standards, Saba's compelling portrayal captures the harsh realities of life in a society grappling with the forces of religion and the struggle for justice in the heat of political turmoil.


Ahlam - Hekayat Banat

Saba Mubarak's most known character is Hekayat Banat's Ahlam. This is because she deeply resonated with audiences, shining a spotlight on the challenges and aspirations faced by young women in contemporary society. Saba's immersion in Ahlam's world has allowed her to form a deep connection with Ahlam, which was seamlessly shown for three seasons. 


Hind - Bein El Sutoor

Earlier this year, Saba shined in her portrayal of Hind in Bein El Sutoor. She expertly navigated the delicate balance between strength and vulnerability, embodying a character filled with contradictions. The unexpected twists and turns unravelling secrets from her past, including a long-forgotten love affair with the victim, forced her to confront demons she believed she had left behind. With that said, thanks to Saba, Bein El Sutoor became one of this year's standout dramas.


Youmna - Lahzet Ghadab

Saba's latest endeavour was her portrayal of Youmna in Lahzet Ghadab, which was nothing short of mesmerizing. From her character's struggles internally to the shocking murder scene and her endless on-screen breakdowns, it was crystal clear that Youmna was multi-dimensional. As she attempted to get away with the aftermath of her actions, Saba masterfully navigated Youmna's transformation from being seemingly naive to a powerful woman with subtle shifts in demeanour and tone.