Finally, after several delays, the El Gouna Film Festival will go ahead, but there will be no parties or other festivities to mark the occasion. This is to demonstrate the festival’s continued support for the Palestinian people. Let us tell you all about the latest updates on GFF’s 6th edition!

The Goals of the Gouna Film Festival: Cinema for Humanity

Even in the face of current world events and regional crises, cinema has always served as a unifying force. In 2017, GFF launched with “Cinema for Humanity” as its signature charitable initiative.

In addition to the film business and its talents, the GFF also acknowledges and celebrates the positive effect that filmmaking has on the larger social community and the world.

GFF’S Palestinian Cinema Edition:

From the 14th to the 21st of December, the El Gouna Film Festival will be hosting a special edition of the event. This edition will feature a unique programme devoted to Palestinian film, which will be presented in conjunction with the Palestine Film Institute and aims to bring attention to the current situation and cruel circumstances in Gaza.

Gouna Film Festival and Red Crescent Collaboration:

GFF constantly encourages collaboration and cultural interaction from different entities, hoping this will benefit both the film industry and the well-being of the Arab world.

In partnership with the Egyptian Red Crescent and during the festival, a dinner to collect money to contribute to humanitarian relief operations in Gaza is scheduled to take place.