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If you enjoy the gloomy weather and it makes you feel like you're in the mood to read murder mystery/crime books, then you're in for a treat! That's because these books will give you chills that match the cold breeze of November just right!

Gareema Fi Ard El Golf – Raed Younis El Nabrawy

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This novel talks about a detective called Fahd Saleh, who investigates the murder of a woman. It gets more interesting when there is more than one party with a motive to kill the businesswoman.

Salet Orfanelli – Ashraf El Ashmawy

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It mainly talks about how the protagonists' stories are intertwined and their relationships are complicated. When the characters start to collide with conflicts in an auction hall that leads to crimes, the book makes you think about what it would be like if our lives were like antiques in an auction.

Locandet Bir El Watawit – Ahmed Mourad

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It is a novel whose events occur during the restoration of the "Bir El Watawit" hotel, where a diary dating back to 1865 AD was found buried behind the wall of a room with a thread leading to a series of assassinations.

Bab El La'anat – Mohamed Esmat

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The novel revolves around a young engineer. He takes his car and travels on the road only to find himself isolated from the world in a village with people telling him that he opened the door of curses upon them.

Antikhristos – Ahmed Khaled Mostafa

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It mainly narrates historical facts mixed with imagination, where the writer shows his exciting style of talking about humans and jinn and the relationship between them.

Al Azraa' Wa Al Gaheem – Ahmed Younis

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The events in this novel take place in Port Said. It is about a woman who bought an antique that turned out to be cursed. It also explains how the woman faces and handles this curse she brought upon herself.