Street art, public art, tagging or even urban doodling - call it what you will, but graffiti is arguably one of the purest forms of art in Egypt today. How and why that came to be is a story for another day, but the latest example of impressive urban doodling (our favourite of the terms) comes, not on the walls of Mohamed Mahmoud Street, but on the North Coast. 


Located at Sea Hub, Bo Islands, The "Women Empowerment" Graffiti Mural: Code Pink has added plenty of character to the retail and dining complex, while championing the most pressing of Egyptian social issues, women's rights and empowerment.


With six comrades by his side, the mural was led by Egyptian artist, Mohamed Radwan, aka Sober, who readers may remember as the winner of Warner Bros. Studio's global Batman V Superman Design Challenge in March, 2016. Sober's love of comic-books is evident once again, with one of the most striking images of the 70 x 4.5m mural coming in the form of Wonder Woman. Much of the mural also takes cues from classic pop art, while also using classic iconography such as Rosie the Riveter. 


Completed in seven days, the mural has already been a hit with holidaymakers, who have, maybe a little vacuously, been treating it as some kind of gimmicked media wall. Let's hope it resonates a little deeper with at least some.

You can check out more photos on Sober's Facebook page.

By Kalam El Qahaira