Arab cinema is making noteworthy strides at this year's Cannes Film Festival, with films from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Palestine, and Algeria participating. The Arab Cinema Center (ACC) will also play a key role as the Master of Ceremonies for a two-session panel. This exciting development highlights the growing influence and talent of Arab filmmakers on the global stage, promising a festival filled with diverse and powerful stories.


Arab Actors Joining Panel Discussions

Ahmed Malek, Youssra, and Saba Mubarak participated in the panel discussions titled The Arab New Wave: The Actors and The Arab New Wave: The Artists and Artisans at the Cannes Film Festival. These panels explore the opportunities and challenges faced by Arab talents in breaking into the international marketplace and celebrate the work of the newest generation of talents working behind the camera.


Arab Movies Participating


Arab cinema is making a significant impact at this year's Cannes Film Festival, with films competing in various categories, including the official competition, the Critics' Week Award, and the Un Certain Regard section. Egypt is showcasing two movies, while Saudi Arabia marks its first participation. A Moroccan feature film will be screened for the Critics' Week special screenings. 

In the short film category, a French-Belgian-Algerian co-production stands out as the only Arab short film at Cannes this year. This highlights the diverse and collaborative spirit of Arab cinema on the international stage.


The Future of Arab Artists in the International Scene

Following this year's Cannes Film Festival, there has been a significant step forward for Arab artists and movies in international film festivals. This progress can open doors for a more significant Arab presence and acknowledgement in major global events. 

Showcasing Arab cinema on such prestigious platforms is a real opportunity to raise awareness and appreciation for the richness and diversity of the Arab movie scene. This could begin a more inclusive and representative landscape within the global film industry, where Arab voices and stories are celebrated and embraced on a larger scale.