With D-CAF – the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival - coming up, we can't help but get excited about exploring the streets of Cairo through the festival’s many events and exhibitions. Though the festival puts the focus on Wust El Balad, as a tribute to Egypt's capital and it's most diverse and eclectic cultural event, here’s the first in a series of the best pics of Cairo captured on Instagram - a visual reminder that this city is full of beauty, even in the unlikeliest of places.

Nile Corniche

By Ali Zar3y


By Noor Kamel

Mohamed Mahmoud Street/ AUC Greek Campus

mohamed mahmoud
By Ahmed Gamal X

Ibn Tulun Mosque

By Mostafa Arafa

El Darb El Ahmar

darb el ahmar
By Karim El Hayawan

Imbaba Bridge

imbaba bridge
By Karim Mohamed (@Km7_Photography)

Al Fustat

By Habiba El Gendy

Giza Corniche

By Aisha El Shabrawy

 El Hussein Tunnel

hussein tunnel
By Hussain Buhligah

Ramsis Street

By Gehad Hamdy


 By Kalam El Qahaira

*All photos were sourced off Instagram and credited to the respective photographs, no copyright violation was intended.