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Taylor Swift: After Glow Tribute Concert at Soul Lounge

Get ready for a Swift-y extravaganza with Sarah's Taylor Swift Tribute Band! They'll Shake It Off and capture Taylor's magic, delivering stunning vocals, flawless musicianship, and irresistible stage presence. From "Love Story" to "Cardigan," you can immerse yourself in the hits that make Taylor a worldwide sensation in the heart of Cairo.

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Friday at 12 AM - 12 AM

May 26


Soul Maadi

CG Live

Annual Creative Time: Egypt's Creative Summit 2023 at Cairo Business Park

Creative Industry Summit has been a gathering place for the world's most inspirational individuals. Speakers at this week's Cairo Business Park event motivated attendees to take action towards objectives that may have seemed out of reach. From September 23rd to the 25th, the Creative Industry Summit hosted a variety of talks, panels, and workshops designed to help professionals in the creative industries learn about the latest developments in the business world and apply those lessons to the growth of their own companies.