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Standup Comedy Night at Room Art Space New Cairo

Prepare for an uproarious night of laughter as the dynamic duo Pola and Reem take the stage at Room New Cairo. With their hilarious stand-up comedy, these talented comedians will leave you in stitches.

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Saturday at 9 PM - 9 PM

May 27


Room Art Space New Cairo

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Let's Get Funky! Disco Misr Premieres Their Electrifying New Album at El Sawy Culturewheel

The 24th and 25th of May were the most epic nights of the weekend, thanks to the legendary Disco Misr, who rocked El Sawy Culturewheel with their funky beats and remarkably launched their new album in style. We were lucky enough to be there and captured some incredible moments. Check out these amazing pictures radiating the groovy energy of the weekend!