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MOFU’s Farewell at Cairo Jazz Club

Get your groove on as CJC gives MOFU the send-off he deserves. The club will be the hotspot for melodic beats and outrageous memories this Friday. DJ MOFU will make you move, while local legends Mohamed Tahan and Shika Saber will take charge of the decks. It will be a night of dance-floor mayhem and farewell shenanigans, for sure!

For reservations, send CJC a message between 12 - 8 PM.

Friday at 9 PM - 9 PM

May 26


Cairo Jazz Club

CG Live

A Unique Thursday Night Tuned by Saliah Gram and Lana Mawlood at Cairo Jazz Club 610

The talented performers, Saliah Gram and Lana Mawlood, on the stage of Cairo Jazz Club 610 gave a captivating energy to the night, giving the audience a performance they will never forget! If you don't believe us, check out those snippets and you will feel the vibes!