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Arab musicians have long used their art to express solidarity with the Palestinian people. From traditional folk songs to contemporary hip-hop, Arab musicians have created a rich and diverse body of work that reflects the complexity and diversity of the Palestinian experience. Many of these songs express themes of resistance, solidarity, and hope, and have become anthems for the Palestinian cause. 


Fairuz – Zahret El Mada’en

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We’re not sure if it’s only because of how mesmerising Fairuz is when it comes to music, but Zahret El Mada’en makes you feel and get immersed in Palestine’s beautiful and wonderous city. 


Om Kolthoum – Asbah Al’an Andy Bondoqeya

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It is a masterpiece written by Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani and sung by the astounding Om Kalthoum to the land of Palestine, all under the composition of Abdelwahab. The Arab unity in this piece is out of this world. 


Abdelhalim Hafiz – Sawretna El Masreya 

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Even though Thawretna El Masreya is mainly about Egypt, Abdelhalim Hafez still included Palestine in the 34-minute song, praising it and its land. 


Dalal Abu Amneh – Shams El Ahad Fel Qods 

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Your body will definitely get shivers once you listen to this song! Dalal Abu Amneh not only has an angelic voice when singing about Palestine but also shows you the beauty of Palestine in her videos. 


Amal Maher – Arabeya Ya Ard Flesteen  

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The song’s name speaks for itself! Amal Maher’s song Arabeya Ya Ard Flesteen shows Egypt and Palestine’s unity.