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Some of Palestine’s most remarkable artists channelled their inner talents by speaking up about their country through worldwide music that shakes up the lives of youth everywhere. These Palestinian artists didn’t hesitate to show how life is where they’re from through art and music that educates you about the situation and makes you more aware of their surroundings. 


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Based in Ramallah, Shabjdeed needs no introduction when it comes to Palestinian hip-hop. The artist quickly became an influential figure in his community and to young people around the globe for being unfiltered and showing more awareness of the Palestinian situation. 

Al Nather 

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Al Nather is one of the greatest Palestinian producers who changed the Palestinian hip-hop scene, usually working with the legendary Shabjdeed with songs like Amirkka and Aadi. 


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You might already know him from the hit single “Inn Ann,” as a TikTok sound or something to jam to that is still viral to this day. Dabbor just tells it how it is when it comes to his country. 

Shadia Mansour 

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One of the oldest rappers in the industry, known as “the first lady of Arabic hip-hop,” even though she doesn’t make music anymore, Shadia Mansour’s songs are all about the Palestinian resistance with beautiful melodies that’ll move you. 

MC Abdul 

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MC Abdul is only 15 years old and has a talent worth exploring! He is on the perfect track of the hip-hop scene, speaking about his life in Gaza as a teenager and his experience with the ongoing Palestinian resistance.


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A totally transparent lyrical genius wouldn’t be enough to express his skill! Haykal is one of the best Palestinian rappers with a sick flow and beat under the same record label “BLTNM” as Shabjdeed and Al Nather.