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Recently, musical artist and producer Molotof has been in the headlights for all the wrong reasons, including public fights and heated arguments with famous Egyptian rappers to the removal of his previous music featuring said rappers from music-streaming platforms. But now, he is back with a new album, and we can’t stop listening to it!

We can’t deny that music turns instantly better when it’s produced by Molotof, regardless of all the drama. And this album, featuring many well-known Arab artists, is no exception to this theory.



You can never go wrong with Palestinian rappers. And Molotof sure made the ideal choice by having the ultimate Palestinian rapper Tamer Nafar feature in this hit song.

El Hadra

We don’t know much about Karem Rush, but his and Molotof’s collaboration on “El Hadra” presents an intense and unique Muslim gospel vibe.

El Salam

It’s not a Molotof album without at least one song having only the presence of the hit producer without any added featured artists. And we loved El Salam!


Egyptian singer and songwriter Cheen features in this track, and she did her beautifully vocal-led thing to get us in our feelings of missing home even when we know we’re right where we belong.

El Shams

We’re very familiar with the Palestinian-Jordanian rapper, Synaptik. If you somehow aren’t, you should stream his music. And you can start with this sonically amazing song!

Eyon El Kalam

Egyptian artist Yosef Beshlawy brings interesting new beats and styles to this song. And while we didn’t expect the sudden shift in the album’s tone, we loved it!

Soot Masry

With an oud playing in its background, “Soot Masry” has an authentic Egyptian feel you can listen to as you walk the streets of old Cairo.

El Moled

Featuring Mohamed Sayed, Salah Cheetos, and Shobra El General, this song doesn’t require much explanation as its name speaks for itself. It’s going to make you feel like you’re at a Moled festival celebrating the birthday of historical, spiritual figures or listening to the Sufi Moled music that plays at such festivities, both of which feelings are as amazing as the other!


Molotof’s collaboration with the renowned Arab artist Sobeh El Fahd in the very distinguished and loud track “Sena” sent shivers down our spines – just what you need to liven up a good party!