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Here’s how a normal day goes in Egypt: The sun shines, the birds sing, and a rapper drops a surprise EP. And this time, the rapper in question is none other than Marwan Moussa, who decided to surprise everyone with another EP, Kaza Kairo, over the weekend, just a couple of weeks after his Valentine’s Day release of Beiny W Beinek. 

Naturally, we gave the new tracks a listen. So, now there’s nothing left to do but share our verdicts with you!

Bako Moganah

Easily the best track on Kaza Kairo, Bako Moganah not only offers a return to form for Moussa—but it might also be a hint that there is a new beef cooking in Egypt’s rap scene. Yes, another one. 

Considering Marwan Pablo’s recent track, Barbary, might have offered a few ‘subtle’ digs at Marwan Moussa, we just can’t help but think this might be the answer. 


Wondering why this EP is called Kaza Kairo? Well, all you have to do to find out the answer is listen to Malyan. With quintessentially Egyptian beats, Marwan Moussa brings out another side of the Sharki-fied Trap. 


Suave and smooth, Keteer is another great track on this EP. In fact, if we were giving out rankings, we’d place it right after Bako Moganah because of its witty lyrics and the fact that Moussa seems to be fully embracing being the ‘current villain’ of the rap scene. 

Qodwa Freestyle 

Do you miss the old Marwan Moussa? If so, you’re in for a nostalgic shock with Qodwa Freestyle. Offering a window into the rapper’s thought process, this track has given us a lot to think about with its laidback delivery and sick beats.