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The rap game continues to be electrified by our beloved Egyptian rappers as they unleash a new wave of pulsating beats and audacious verses destined to become permanent fixtures in our favourite playlists. Lose yourself in the rhythmic beats and thought-provoking lyrics that define this genre as we take you on a sonic journey through the August releases of Egyptian rap!

1- Underdogz  - Mosalem, Mared, Nubi and Ra3

This latest rap single from Big Hass will be an everyday song in your music library for a long time after you first hear it. Big Moe’s production of Mosalem, Nubi, Mared, and Ra3’s rap flow in Underdogz is sure to have you bumping!

2- Keda Mesh Bees  - Mared

Keda Mesh Bees is another banger from prolific producer Big Moe. Needless to say, Mared’s rapping, which never fails to amaze us, is an ideal match to the song’s catchy music notes!

3- 1 – Muhab

You can never get enough of Muhab’s sick beats and effortless delivery. Muhab released this song in early August, and we are not shy to say it has been on repeat ever since!

4- Leh Nehzar – Lil Baba & Abyusif

Whenever we think we’ve heard it all from this combo, they surprise us with another addictive song. Put on some Leh Nehzar and excitedly click “add to my playlist”!

5- 3al Hady – Issa, Assouad, & Novo

This is a new dance tune with Wezza on the beat and Issa, Assouad, and Novo on vocals! This is a warning that you will likely be playing 3al Hady over and over again!

6- Mangesto – Wingii (Album)

Every new release from Wingii meets or exceeds his high music standards. This time featuring his rap pals, Wingii has dropped an album full of catchy songs!

7- Ben Naren – Aida El Ayoubi & Arsenik

This collaboration is August’s newest gift to rap fans of the Egyptian scene. Ben Naren is a song where two distinctive voice talents blend together so perfectly that we can’t listen to it just once!