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When you have a passion for creating music, it fuels a powerful emotion within you that inspires you to unleash your musical dexterity and share your melodies with the world. Crafting music is not for the faint-hearted but for the dedicated and hardworking. Musicians spend countless hours honing their craft, perfecting their performances, and facing challenges head-on. Despite all this, the following musicians have taken Egypt by storm, captivating audiences with their exceptional music on TikTok!

Mostafa El Hamahmy

This bass guitarist can flawlessly perform any song we adore and regularly listen to, showcasing his impressive guitar skills.

Maria Edward

We greatly admire the users who convert popular music into Arabic versions. You can search for your favourite international pop songs translated into Arabic on Maria Edward’s page.

Nada Sherdy

TikTok’s DJ Nedz creates stunning mixes by blending different songs together. You most likely have seen her trending fusions and even made a TikTok video featuring them.

Salma Osama

With a magical voice that hits the right tones every time, Salma Osama has captivated us with her emotion-infused music. If that wasn’t enough, she even plays the guitar!

Tawfik Khaled

If you enjoy listening to drums and getting into the rhythm of the beats, Tawfik Khaled is a skilled drummer who impressively manipulates his drumsticks.