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Listening to music while studying or working might seem distracting at first, but it can help with your focus and concentration. However, the type of music you choose is important, and instrumental or music with a strong beat are great options. But everyone is different, and the effects of music on your studying might vary depending on your personal preference. So, experiment with the following genres and find what works best to boost your productivity!


Lo-Fi music is the perfect choice if you're looking for some background music to help you concentrate and relax. Its low-fidelity sound is ideal for creating a calming atmosphere.

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Listening to the music of talented classical musicians like Om Kalthoum and Abdelhalim can boost creativity and improve memory retention as you reminisce over their lyrics. Their calming melodies are a great way to create a positive and productive atmosphere.

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Jazz & Blues

Jazz and blues music is a great way to enhance your study experience, with calming effects to reduce stress. These genres also feature instrumental tracks, which can be less distracting than music with lyrics while still providing a pleasant background ambience.

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Even if EDM doesn't seem like your preferred music, sometimes loud music can help you focus and work harder. The beat can help you get into a rhythm and shut off distracting thoughts.

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Listening to RnB can create a calming atmosphere, helping you concentrate better due to the smooth flow of beats. Additionally, it has been known to reduce anxiety, which can be extremely helpful if you're feeling overwhelmed with work.

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