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Can you guess what’s hot right now? If you said rappers who are also great producers or vice versa, you’d be oddly specific, but you’d be right! With the Egyptian trap scene being as vibrant as it is right now, it’s only natural that some rappers are good producers and some producers who are also great rappers.


Now, you might know some of them, but we still think that we should highlight these talented people and their skills right here!


Marwan Moussa

You might already know that rapper Marwan Moussa is a great producer, but this still won’t stop us from discussing just how skilled he is! Still giving us cool hits to jam to, Marwan produces a lot of hits for himself, Afroto, and other members of Ra2s Mal. He even produced for Abyusif once upon a time!


A Song Produced By Maro: Mareed - Afroto

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When it comes to rap, Abyusif certainly doesn’t disappoint. However, he’s never disappointed us in terms of producing music either! A full-fledged rapper and producer, Abyusif actually produces of many of his own classics!


A Song Produced (And Sang) By Abyusif: Khanza2or - Abyusif

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Lil Baba

We only hear about Lil Baba when our other favourite rappers say his name in a track he produced, but apparently, Lil Baba raps as well! In fact, he has a whole album that came out three months ago, and you should totally check it out.


A Song Rapped By Lil Baba: Termo - Lil Baba

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Wezza Montasser

Surprised? Don’t be! Producer Wezza Montasser also raps and has some bars you’ll need to listen to. Although you usually hear about him when he’s mentioned by Afroto or Wegz, Wezza is skilled on both sides of the game.


A Wezza Montaser feature: Zambaletta - Wegz x Wezza Montaser

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El Dab3

A rapper and producer with excellent work on both sides of the rap game, El Dab3 has serious talent that we can’t argue with. He’s worked with great rappers and even produced great music for them, though you probably had no idea he already rapped…and looks very cool doing it.


A Song Produced By El Dab3: Scoo Scoo - Abo El Anwar

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