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Songs speaking one language are so last season; the new year rings the season of bilingual prodigies making it in the music scene worldwide. These dual-language speaking artists also topped Egyptian charts because they’re excellent at their craft. They’ve turned their passions into reality with great talents in singing and dedication to their countries’ culture, language and all. So, here are some of our favourite artists who happen to produce bilingual music!


Saint Levant

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The Palestinian, French, Algerian, and Serbian artist based in California got his big breakthrough through TikTok, like many, with his song “Very Few Friends”. And now, he travels from country to country to be heard in not one but three languages!


Lana Lubany

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Lana Lubany is a Palestinian American pop star with a hit song, “The Snake”, that similarly went viral on TikTok. Her ease of transitioning from language to language is sonically beautiful, and she sure knows how to make a banger!



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Egyptian American rapper Felukah studied creative writing to help perfect her music. She has recently released an album called “The Love Serum,” which is an excellent introduction to her music if you haven’t already listened to her!


Casa Vince

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Residing in Dubai, Vince Casas has a discography of Western and Middle Eastern fused music. His RnB hits will get you dancing, and we recommend his track LA DI DA.



via GQ Middle East

Bayou is an Egyptian artist also living in Dubai and indulging in RnB music. The creative Middle Eastern singer has recently collaborated with Saint Levant in a song, “Hamdulilah”. Two bilingual artists in one track? It doesn’t get more lingually interesting than that!