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Every group of friends consists of different types of people, especially when it comes to WhatsApp groups. You might love hanging out with your friends in person and talking to them individually. Still, when speaking on a WhatsApp group, it’s easy to become irritated at everyone’s different personas — especially if they’re the ones to never open or reply to the group.

So let’s talk about all the types of people on a WhatsApp group, whether it’s a group dedicated to work practices, friends, or a special occasion.

The One That Never Replies

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You’ll always find this person when planning the outing you’ve been talking about for days on WhatsApp. Yet, you’ll continuously be surprised each time they don’t answer, even when you mention them specifically! They’ll see your messages and never reply, not because they don’t want to but because they’re simply lazy.

The Talkative

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It’s standard that someone in the group will send nonstop messages about so many things at once. They share things even when no one answers because they typically don’t ask questions; they just state their thoughts. But irrespective of the thousands of notifications they send to our pockets, we’re grateful for them being the group’s glue.

The Philosophical

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The group can be talking about the silliest things, but there will be one person who can’t send a message without stating the original and correct context of the conversation. Whether the topic of discussion is food or movie timings, this person will always have a philosophical answer.

The Interrupter

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Have a serious or natural conversation on your WhatsApp group, and this person will text something random and unrelated in the middle of your discussion. Their interruptions come whether what they have to say is trivial or not.

The Extrovert

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If you’re going out, it’s because the extroverts of the group planned it from start to finish. They know what’s fun, find the perfect activities, and your friends would probably never see each other outside of work or school if it weren’t for them, which is why we can’t live without them.

The One Who Only Sends TikToks

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They’ll most likely never send a regular text unless in answer to someone’s question on the group. This is because all they do is send TikToks that the group can either relate to or laugh at. We appreciate their participation either way!