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Children, teenagers, and adults loved this movie so deeply that it’s still watched it to this day. And now we’ve received the exciting news that the cult classic is getting a part two!

You can’t tell us you’ve never imagined yourself as one of the movie’s characters. And we’re making the choice extra easy for you by bringing all the comedic personalities to one place so that you can choose which character suits you best and which you want to be.



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The hard worker that likes to provide for themselves and never settles for second place – ever. But Khalaf doesn’t stay silent when he sees someone not getting the respect they deserve, making you him if you’re the outspoken one of your group.



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You’re Ali if you are your group’s artist or fashion maniac. He pulls girls effortlessly but never finds himself settling for anyone. While attractive and sweet, he has a temper that is easily provoked.



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Seyadas are the sweet, nice, and studious ones of the friend group with the high grades and on the verge of receiving a promotion at work because they know how to do their jobs. You might be a little unlucky when it comes to love, but that’s only because you know your standards!



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‘Abla is the IT girl of the group. But don’t get too excited; it can become a bit annoying for your friends. While she may not be everyone’s favourite, she goes the extra mile for her close friends as they devotedly do for her.



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The cool jokester who loves to party. If any fun activity includes an insane amount of energy, Hashem is there. You’re this character if you constantly make everyone move and do things with you. You may be a bit high-maintenance, but your friends do love you!



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The nice guy and everyone’s best friend. People go to Hussein for advice and guidance because they trust him blindly and wholeheartedly – as they should. Everyone fights to be your closest friend, yet you love them equally; you’re this sweet and lovable character.