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Every Egyptian family has specific personalities, whether a family member is as kind and thoughtful as Ibrahim or as chaotic and emotional as Zeinab. Egyptian families might drive us crazy and may not always be on the same page regarding specific situations and topics, but we can’t possibly live without them! They’re fun, irritating, and chaotic, but they’re why you are the person you are today. And we know you’ll find someone on this list you relate to from Egypt’s most heartwarming family show, Mawdoo’ A’eili.



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He is the father figure in your family who is so wholesome and kind that you often find yourself running to them when you need guidance or advice without judgement. Although they are a couple of years older, they still feel like a best friend when it comes to anything troubling you.



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If you have a Zeinab in your family, we envy you! You get to indulge in the most incredible homemade Egyptian food but at the price that you can never really stop eating, or else you’ll get a good scolding. She’s warm, sweet, and there for you even when she doesn’t fully understand your situation.



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If you have a chill, laid-back uncle or father whom you love because of his spontaneous and randomness whenever he says or does something, you have a Ramadan in your family. While you might not take him very seriously, he’s a definite source of safety.



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Whether a cousin or brother, this is the jokester of the family. Having a Hassan in your family is a blessing as he’s the one keeping the joy and laughter – and lots of sarcasm – alive in gatherings and is a typical family favourite. 



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Sweet, kind, educated, and beautiful, Sarah is the family’s princess who is warm and comfortable to talk to. She’ll do anything for her family and can turn into a mama bear in no time if needed. Yet she’s so sweet you’ll rarely see her angry.



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The irritating uncle or cousin who gets in trouble at any given chance he gets. Khaled says he doesn’t need help, but the entire family always has to help him. He might not be entirely reasonable or responsible, but no one can choose their family member; you still love him anyway!