When it comes to taking tests, students usually appear pretty much the same in the exam hall. However, if you take a deeper look, you will see different stereotypes that haven’t changed throughout the years! No matter what educational background we come from, exam halls have this suffocating aura that makes us all anxious, even if we know the material by heart. So, allow us to take you back to that room to remind you of the types of students in exams—even if you don’t relate, you will know someone who would!


The Giggly Students

There are always the students who do nothing but smile and laugh as they look at their friends’ faces or the exam paper! Of course, we all do that, as watching our friends’ shocked faces and making faces of our own is fun, but right now, we are talking about the students who just giggle at everything. They mostly do that because they know deep inside that they won’t be passing the test, making indifference their best friend.


The Students who Are Two Inches Away from the Paper

We’ve all met these students—they’re the ones we call ‘daheeha’ and are the exact opposite of the stereotype we’ve just mentioned. The second these students get the exam paper, they get all serious and keep their heads down, with their hands writing for the duration entire exam. Then, when time is up, they feel like they need more time, even if the test is not that long. It’s at that point that everyone else starts flipping over the exam sheets, wondering what the ‘daheeha’ are doing and if they themselves answered all the questions.


The “I-Know-Nothing” Students

These students are the ones who did not study. They’re only at the exam hall to stare into nothingness for some time without giving anyone any clear reactions. Unlike their giggly pals, they keep flipping the exam paper over, like it’s some sort of brochure. Sometimes, they just doodle stuff on the sheet, like they’re taking an art exam when they’re clearly not! Occasionally, these students try to cheat, but they don’t do that eagerly because, deep down, they really don’t care. We think this is a new level of apathy, people, and it’s honestly kind of inspiring.


The Cheaters

Whether they are asking their friends for the answers or trying to use a “bersham”, these students only rely on one method to pass their tests, and it’s not studying. Some of these cheaters are relaxed and steady like they know everything, while others are jumpy with fidgeting eyes as they know they are doing something wrong. In the exam hall, we see these students always hovering over a friend’s ear rather than looking at their own exam sheet. And if they get caught, they act all innocent as if their only sin was asking for a pen.