Egyptians love to party, and what better way to do so than attending your favourite artist’s concert with friends or your significant other? With it always being concert season in Cairo, you’re likely to have stumbled upon one or two of the common types of concert attendees.


The Dancers

Taking up the most space possible to show off their groovy moves, the dancers can quickly become a bother to everyone around them. We love their energy, but concerts are crowded enough without making room for excessive mosh pits.


The Lovey Dovey Couple

We get that you’re in love and want to show your partner affection, but come on — it’s getting too hot in here. Attendees show up to watch the artist on stage, not a live viewing of your PDA!


The Head Bobbers

The simplest and most chill and lowkey of the attendees, head bobbers barely move or do anything besides bobbing their heads to the beat of the music. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch them singing a lyric.

The “We’re Too Cool” Group

Taking up their special space amid the crowd, these cool kids only travel in groups — even if that means cramming the place. They’ll find the time to engage loudly in their conversations over the music, so don’t be dumbfounded when you overhear gossip.

The Photographer/Videographer

These individuals are constantly taking pictures and videos of the concert. And whether you’re standing in front or behind them, you’ll end up in all their camera records. So there’s no point in endlessly trying to escape the awkward eye contact with their cameras!