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The clock is counting down to the start of the holy month, and everyone has begun to delve into their personal ways of feeling and expressing themselves during the month-long fasting period. Whether by entirely disappearing and hibernating or dedicating the month to repent, it’s inevitable that with every new Ramadan, each person tends to their typical rituals.

While we might’ve missed a couple, check out our list of the most common personality traits and activities that resurface and take over your friends and family members during Ramadan!

The One Who Is Always Sleeping

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This might not be what the Ramadan spirit is about, but many tend to sleep for the better half of the day, only waking up to the sound of Azan alarms calling for Iftar. They then fall into another deep slumber at around 9 or 10 AM. While it isn’t the ideal thing to do, this habit tends to carry on weeks post-Ramadan.

The One Who Is Very Energetic and Optimistic

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Their optimism may make you think they’re not fasting, as these people are usually too energetic to believe during Ramadan. But on the brighter and sweeter side of the Ramadan personality spectrum, you’ll find them donating to charities and going to work productive and upbeat.

The Extremely Cranky One

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Being caffeine or nicotine deprived and putting off sleep as you wait for the Fajr each night can make you a pretty angry and irritated person in the mornings and hours before you break your fast. Even binging the newest Ramadan series won’t help these beasts, so we recommend avoiding them at all costs pre-Iftar!

The One Who Disappears the Entire Month

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We never know if they’re disappearing out of their stark dedication to the month and repentance or if they’re disappearing simply to use Ramadan as a scapegoat to avoid hangouts and group plans. Nonetheless, you won’t be able to get a hold of these antisocial Ramadaners!

The One Who Always Wants To Dine Out

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Ramadan does not slow down these extroverts, constantly trying to find the hottest new spots for Suhoor or the trendy Iftar tents hosting big celebrities. They are the fun of your Ramadan — and the drainers of your energy and pocket money.