Infamous Egyptian talk-show host, Reham Saeed, is no stranger to sensationalist stunts in her evermore desperate bid for ratings. After causing controversy by removing her veil live on television in 2013 and featuring a young, one-eyed boy in a horrific segment asking if he was the Anti-Christ, Saeed spent 2014 bringing 'demonically possessed' children to Egyptian screens. It proved fantastically successful when her two hour long segment went viral and was watched by over 8 million users on YouTube.

Now, she’s back with an even more ludicrous premise – twins that turn into cats at night. Setting aside the consistently questionable journalistic content, Saeed visibly slurs her way through the interview and provides some cracking sound-bites, “so… you ate the fish as a cat, and then tasted it as a boy? How? Weren’t you a cat then? Milk? What?”